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First Cachaça brand in Brazil

Everything in the Engenho Monjope was great. The chapel, the big house, the slave quarters and especially the wheel d’English metal water, which distinguished him from the other more modest mills in the area, used to mills made of wood and moved by animal traction. Monjope was a legitimate representative of the golden period of the cycle of sugarcane in Pernambuco.

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5/5 (3)
da-quinta-quase-prontoThe highlighted cachaça is the QUINTA DA that is produced in the city of Carmo mountain region in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is found in aged version Umburana and oak and still Pure, rested in stainless steel tanks. Very nice. The Katia do Espito Santo,  president of the Producers Association and Friends of Cachaça State of Rio de Janeiro – APACERJ has all the care in production. Your still has a curious fact to those who visit there, his milling cane is moved water from a small stream that exists on the property. Production began in 2009, coming from father to daughter. Today with a production of approximately 50,000 liters per year, Katia is already preparing the first shipment of export to luxury hotels in Asia. Pure cachaça is very used in fine restaurants and bars for the production of drinks and especially our caipirinha. We can not also forget to mention that the QUINTA DA is an organic cachaça. persistent aroma and flavor.

Carmo, Rio de Janeiro

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icone1Letter of Cachaça

Prepare your letter of cachaça taking into account the variety, balance, regionalization, citing sensory details of each cachaça and production characteristics including harmonization as needed.
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Promote regular basic to advanced courses of cachaça when the participant leaves with the certificate Cachacier . The course can be done anywhere in the country as long as there is demand , please contact us on the course.
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We guide professionals or amateurs in the production of traditional and sophisticated drinks made with rum and still arousing the curiosity of those who would like to prepare your own drink with the most harmonious combinations.
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We guide and monitor the assembly of stills, fermenting rooms, aging vats, choice of equipment and raw materials (sugar cane, yeast, instruments, etc.).
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